SEO Icebreaker — Getting Through this Cold Winter

by sonjay1908 on May 16, 2012

I have been checking the last “shakedown” labeled Google Penguin Update. And there are guys that reflect what I believe has to be done and explain the concepts better than me:



My take — Google’s updates are periodic actions done ALSO to determine or find out which websites are trying to game their system and having success doing so. Yet, as big as Google may be, they are not really able to catch what every website has been doing. And so, one of the things they are trying to do is to evaluate the “suspected websites” to know if the link-strategy employed changes or not, after they issue new guidelines or apply the algorithm updates. If the link-strategy we use is stopped abruptly or totally, this becomes the way that Google confirms that this particular website is gaming their prized system.

In the first place, you have to be aware of the system you are implementing, especially for Offpage SEO — do not rely on one source of backlinks, and inject a good mix of “socially-shareable” properties like blogs and wikis. It looks like Google is doing some things which are hurting their intention of providing more relevant and quality search results. Still, I believe that we should not put a stop to what we have been doing, especially if we have been generating good results and for quite a long period of time already,  for this will just let Google “know” or confirm that our websites are those with “negative” or “spammy” promotions system.

So in essence, what has been working for us, even if our rankings got hurt, should still be implemented. If we need to change something, we need to do it in a gradual manner.

What else needs to be done?

Everything must return to the basics — and that is Keyword Research the proper way. The formula is — (a) check which websites rank for the keyword(s) you want to target, your first-page competitors; (b) reverse-engineer by checking which keywords your competitors are ranked, and (c) use these keywords in your optimization efforts.

If you are looking for reliable tools, I strongly believe and use the following personally:


And it may also interest you to build mini-sites or websites with a few pages to act as “content-only” and dominantly static websites, to benefit a money-making website you want to promote.

Having a solid strategy and keeping an eye for possible improvements will help us all in battling the coldness this virtual winter has conjured.


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